B.C. Premier appoints MLA to push federal government for affordable cellphone plans

The appointment follows a survey that revealed residents want more transparency with phone plans

British Columbia’s premier has appointed a member of legislative assembly (MLA) to push the federal government for more affordable phone plans and greater transparency.

Premier John Horgan has appointed Ridge-Mission Member of Legislative Assembly Bob D’Eith to fight to reduce phone bills.

The appointment follows the release of a study that determined residents want more transparency with phone plans. The study consisted of a public consultation issued by the province in the form of a survey.

Respondents to the survey called for more affordability and choice with cellphone plans. They also expressed that cellphone plan contracts were difficult to understand and that they inadequately explain potential charges and contract lengths.

“During the federal election campaign, most major parties made commitments to improve the quality and affordability of cellphone services in Canada,” Horgan said in a statement.

“Now is the time to engage with federal partners, build consensus and find solutions that will improve the lives of British Columbians and all Canadians.”

During his federal election campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to cut cellphone bills by 25 percent within four years. He promised to save the average family up to $1,000 CAD a year.

Although this topic has not yet come up following Trudeau’s re-election, British Columbia is ready to push the federal government for lower phone plan prices.

The B.C. government is acting upon its promise from February that ensured residents that it would address phone bill transparency.

The public survey received 15,549 responses between May 29th and July 5th.

Source: Government of British Columbia, Global News