Google integrates Lens into Chrome image search

Google Lens will look for elements that it recognizes when you search for images

Google Chrome app on Android

Google Lens is now integrated in Chrome’s image search and is live in all versions of the browser on Android, including Stable and Canary.

It was already known that Lens was going to make its way to Chrome as code revealed in August indicated that Google was working on the integration.

The code showed that Google was working on adding a ‘Search Google Lens’ option to the context menu that appears when you tap-and-hold on an image in the Android Chrome browser

The feature is not activated by default, as outlined by Android Police. In order to turn it on, you need to head to ‘chrome://flags’ and find ‘#context-menu-search-with-google-lens.’

Once you enable the flag, you have to restart the browser after which you’ll notice a change in the pop-up that appears when you tap on an image. The prompt ‘Search Google for this image’ will be replaced with ‘Search with Google Lens.’

Using Google Lens when searching for images will be efficient because it won’t just search for an exact replica but will look for elements that it recognizes. This provides the user with a lot of similar images.

If you prefer to search by image instead of Google Lens, you still have to option to do so.

Source: Android Police