You can download an app to remap Pixel 4’s Motion Sense, no root needed

You can even change Active Edge too

While cool, Google’s Pixel 4 ‘Motion Sense’ feature doesn’t really do much, at least right now. However, there seems to be a fix for that problem that isn’t provided by Google.

Although it’ll cost $4.29 CAD, you can remap Motion Sense by just installing an app. With the Button Mapper app, Pixel 4 users can remap Motion Sense and also add a couple of tweaks.

The app gives you the option to make Motion Sense play a sound, customize it to open up any app on your phone, or to swipe to perform actions like snapping a screenshot. Further, you can make Motion Sense open up Google Assistant and even copy or paste a selection of text. The app also includes a cool feature that lets it disable itself when music is playing.

You can grab the app from the Play Store for free, but to control Motion Sense, you’ll need to shell out $4.29 CAD.

Afterwards, for those who haven’t rooted their device, you’ll need to open up ‘Developer Options,’ turn on ‘USB Debugging’ and perform a command through ADB with your Mac or PC. If you’re confused, don’t worry (so was I), the app explains how to do this in a few steps.

Button Mapper only has the simple ‘swipe’ gesture so far, but you can expect more features to arrive in the future. When you’re in the app, you can also play around with Active Edge, as well as the phone’s volume up and down buttons.

You can download Button Mapper in the Google Play Store.

Via: Android Authority