Upcoming Android Auto update to bring back at-a-glance weather

This is an update I can get behind

Code in the latest version of Android Auto suggests that users will be able to see the current weather in the interface’s status bar.

Google updated the Android Auto interface this summer, and while it brought a host of improvements it also got rid of the always available at-a-glance weather and the home screen.

In the current version, users need to interact with Google Assistant to learn about the current weather conditions. A new version (4.8) of the in-car operating system rolled out today, and XDA Developers discovered a line of code that says,

<string name=”settings_weather_summary”>Show weather information on the car screen status bar, obtained using your phone location</string> <string name=”settings_weather_title”>Weather</string>

When the publication enabled it, a new toggle appeared in the Android Auto app’s setting that says it will display weather from your phone’s location in the status bar. It’s unclear what exactly this means, but if I had to guess, I’d say it will just show the temperature.

Source: XDA Developers