Twitter will allow users to follow specific topics starting next week

Twitter is making it easier for you to keep up with your favourite band

Twitter app on iPhone

Twitter has unveiled a new feature called ‘Topics,’ which lets users follow specific topics on the platform.

Altogether, you’ll be able to follow more than 300 areas of interest that span sports, gaming and other forms of entertainment. Subjects could include the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, the WWE or South Korean boy band BTS.

Tweets will come up from a variety of areas, be they from official accounts related to the subject or users who you don’t follow with credibility on the subjects.

Twitter told The Verge that the goal behind Topics is to make the social media platform more approachable for new and intermittent users. Additionally, the company says the feature will help users discover new accounts and conversations that they may have otherwise missed.

Topics will launch worldwide on Android and iOS on November 13th.

Source: The Verge