Stranger Things Day brings collector’s edition holographic cover and skins for games

YouTube also has a bloopers for Stranger Things season 3

Stranger Things Season 3

For ‘Stranger Things Day,’ the Netflix series will be featured in a variety of games. 

Stranger Things’ Hopper and Demogorgon skins are now available in Fortnite, while the Steve and Nancy skins have been added to Dead by Daylight.

Even Rocket League is joining in on the fun, with Scoops Ahoy banners for players.

Lastly, if you pre-order Stranger Things 3: The Game, you’ll get a free holographic cover.

There’s no word on when Strangers Things season 4 will launch. However, you can now check out the Stranger Things season 3 bloopers on YouTube.

Source: NXOnNetflix, Stranger Things YouTube