Amazon Alexa digital assistant turns five years old

Happy birthday Alexa!

Today, Amazon’s Alexa turns five years old.

The five-year-old Alexa digital assistant, at first, could only understand 13 commands. Now, Alexa knows more than 100,000 skills, eight languages with seven language variants.

Additionally, in its initial launch, the assistant was only available on one device, the original Echo. Currently, there are more than 85,000 Alexa-compatible products.

According to Amazon, there are now hundreds of thousands of developers building for and with Alexa. And in 2019 there are now 10,000 people working at Amazon who focus on Alexa.

Lastly, Amazon says it’s going to work on “making Alexa smarter, more conversational, more proactive, and even more delightful.”

Recently, Amazon announced new features available on Alexa in Canada. 

Source: Amazon Blog