Toys R Us partners with Snapchat to create AR shopping experience

The augmented reality experience aims to help users with their holiday shopping


Toys R Us Canada has partnered with Snapchat for an augmented reality (AR) experience that lets users interact with top toys for the holiday season.

The AR experience is possible through the Snapchat Portal Lens, which is a lens that allows for “sensational interaction.” This is the first time that the Snapchat Portal Lens has been marketed.

It will be available through the company’s seminal 2019 Holiday Toy Book. When users open Snapchat, a 3D giraffe will appear and guide users to walk through the Toys R Us portal.

“As Snapchatters walk through the augmented reality store, the toys around them come to life,” said Matthew Shore, the lead creative strategist at Snapchat, in a press release.

Users have the option to swipe up and buy the toys that they like through the Toys R Us Canada website.

The Snapcodes that will launch the AR experience will be found in the Toys R Us Canada holiday toy book.

Image credit: Toys R Us Canada 

Source: Toys R Us Canada