Pokémon Go has made $3 billion over its lifetime

A new report from Sensor Tower estimates that Pokémon Go has made $3 billion USD ($3.9 Billion CAD) over its lifetime.

The game has been out since the summer of 2016, and it’s been a runaway success ever since. The report details that it’s been downloaded 541 million times worldwide. Further, it states that the average user spends roughly $5.60 USD ($7.32 CAD) in the game.

Sensor Tower says Pokémon Go made the most money in its first year with $832.4 million USD ($1.09 billion CAD) in revenue. So far in 2019, the game has grossed $774.3 million USD ($1.02 billion CAD). So if the game keeps up this momentum throughout winter, it could pass 2016’s profit.

Notably, Android users have spent more money in the game accounting, amounting to 54.4 percent of its revenue. This makes sense since 78.5 percent of the game’s installs are from Android devices.

Source: Sensor Tower