Mario Kart Tour’s $6.49 per month ‘Gold Pass’ subscription is ridiculous

We asked for this

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s new free-to-play mobile title, is now available on Android and iOS.

Since that the game is out in the wild, we finally have a better idea of how the mobile title’s microtransactions actually work. Among a slew of in-app purchases, the unfortunate highlight is that the game’s ‘Gold Pass’ subscription is priced at $6.49 CAD per month.

The subscription gives access to higher-level rewards, including new karts and rubies, the title’s in-game currency, as well as Mario Kart Tour’s fastest 200cc mode. The Gold Pass also offers a two-week free trial.

As many feared, this subscription is paired with a frustrating, randomized ‘gacha’ system.

To put the Gold Pass’ price in perspective, Apple Arcade, which will eventually give subscribers access to over 100 games, only costs $5.99 per month. Even Nintendo’s Switch Online service is priced at just $4.99 per month, $9.99 for three months and $24.99 for 12 months.

In a way, given the complaints surrounding Super Mario Run’s $13.99 CAD price take, mobile game fans asked for this. I’d much prefer dropping a one-time sum of money to access to the entire experience Mario Kart Tour offers.

The intrusive microtransactions are really a shame because Mario Kart Tour does a great job of faithfully recreating the popular kart racing franchise on mobile devices.

Mario Kart Tour is available in the App Store and the Play Store.