Google rolls out September Android security patch alongside Android 10

The patch comes bundled with Android 10 on Pixel and Essential devices

Along with today’s Android 10 release, Google is rolling out the September 2019 Android security patch.

If you’ve updated or are updating to Android 10 on your Pixel or Essential Phone, the good news is the new patch is bundled into the update. For everyone else, keep an eye on your Settings app for any updates headed your way.

Typically, Google shares noteworthy updates from the security patch, but this month it only shared a link to the Android 10 announcement post. That said, the Android Security Bulletin lists over 100 security fixes made this month.

Currently, the patch is rolling out to all the Pixel devices from the original Pixel up to the Pixel 3a, as well as the Essential Phone. It should come to more devices shortly.

You can learn more about the Android 10 update here.

Source: Android Via: XDA Developers