Adobe Lightroom adds GPU-accelerated workflow, photo recovery

Adobe Lightroom’s August 2019 update adds GPU-acceleration and more to the macOS and Windows versions of Lightroom Classic, along with new features and revisions for the Lightroom Creative Cloud apps.

For Lightroom Classic for Mac and Windows, the updated desktop client and its companion tool Camera Raw now leverage the power of graphics cards (GPUs) for a faster and smoother editing experience.

The company says Lightroom Classic editors with newer and more powerful GPUs and 4K screens will get the most out of this new performance feature.

The update also allows Lightroom Classic to process HDR and panorama merges in batches, therefore speeding up the workflow tremendously.

Beyond that, it introduces support for PNG export, a faster Library Module, and colour labels for easier management.

For Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC), the August 2019 update brings photo recovery that retains deleted images in a separate folder for up to 60 days. Active CC members may recover deleted photos on any device connected to their accounts.

Lightroom CC for Android, ChromeOS and iOS also got a revised search tool that recognizes parameters like focal length, image format, HDR, depth map, and panorama.

Users can now create presets from Discover Posts as well.

For more information regarding each updated Lightroom client, please proceed to the official release notes.

Source: Adobe Via: 9to5Mac