Google makes it easier to find new Podcasts with search integration

Just search for anything with the keyword 'Podcast' and you'll find some new shows to try

If you’re an avid podcast listener but struggle to find fun new things to listen to, then Google’s new Podcast Search feature is for you.

Now, whenever you search for something via Google with the keyword podcast, the search engine presents you with between three and eight recommendations.

The neat thing about these new recommendations is that you can listen to them directly in your browser on the web or in the Google Podcasts app.

Google even says that in the future it plans to bring the same features to Google Assistant so you can start listening to podcasts with just your voice.

Currently, the new feature works with Google Podcasts, but the search giant says that it’s working with other publishers to bring the functionality to more podcast platforms.

Google says that these features are available to anyone using Google Search with U.S. English set as their main language. That said, the feature seems to work in Canada in our tests.

Source: Google