Bell’s data overage fees are going up again

After raising the cost of its unlimited plan, Bell is also raising the cost of its overage fees

bell 5G

Bell is raising its data overage fees if users go over 100MB.

The base overage fee of $10 per 100Mb is staying the same up to the first 500MB, but now, when users go over that tiny limit, Bell will charge them $0.12 per MB.

That means that the first 500MB will cost you $50 and the second 500MB costs roughly $60.

So far, Bell’s flanker brand Virgin and its competitors have yet to raise their prices, meaning it has the most expensive overage data around.

The Canadian carrier is likely attempting to push subscribers and customers to pony up for its $85 unlimited plan, so they don’t have to worry about costly overage plans.

Source: iPhone in Canada