iOS 13 beta 5 has few new tweaks and improved mouse support

Some good and some bad

Apple released the latest iOS 13 and iPadOS developer previews with a few new features.

On the iPad, users can now choose how tight they want the grid of apps to be. Users can choose either a four by five or a six by five grid.

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Users can also dial down the size of the mouse pointer to make it smaller than before.

There are also a few changes in iOS 13. The most exciting one is that Apple has paired the volume indicator with some haptic feedback.

For anyone that uses the Shortcuts app this next change is likely a bummer, but Apple has gotten rid of the ‘Automations tab.’

iOS users are going to have to look forward to screenshots with rounded corners as well.

Beyond that, both versions of the OS are getting new wallpapers in the Home app, a new animation when users switch from Light to Dark mode.

There are new goals and medals in the Move app.

Apple has redesigned the share sheet on both iOS and iPad OS so it groups specific actions into categorized lists instead of a slightly more random assortment of icons and commands.

Source: 9to5Mac