Google’s Sound Amplifier gets audio visualisation and cleaner interface

Google has pushed out an update for Sound Amplifier, an Android Accessibility app to help people with hearing loss or the inability to hear a conversation.

Sound Amplifier, available on Android devices running 6.0 Marshmallow and above, will reduce unwanted sounds in order to pick up the voice of people around.

It works by allowing users to customize frequencies that will augment the sounds of voices and filter out background noises. The end experience will help users hear conversations better in noisy offices or restaurants, or boost the voices of presenters at a lecture.

The update adds an audio visualisation component to show when it detects sounds and features reorganized control settings, letting users tap between sound boosting or filtering background noise tabs.

Users can download the Sound Amplifier app on the Google Play Store, now. However, I’ve yet to receive the update, and therefore for me, Sound Amplifier lacks any audio visualisations.

Source: Android Developer Blog