Satisfy your gacha machine addiction with 3 Pay What You Want bundles

Have you ever heard of a gachapon machine? They’re fun little vending machines that dispense a random toy when you add money. You’ve probably seen them in supermarkets or grocery stores, but gacha machines are even more popular in Japan, and part of their thrill is hoping to win an outrageous prize. Today, we have 3 amazing deals that’ll satisfy your gacha addiction.

Here’s how these deals work. We have 3 Pay What You Want bundles: the Super Soft Skills Mastery Bundle, the Complete Amazon Web Services eBook Bundle, and the Complete Linux eBook Bundle. Each of these bundles works like an individual gacha machine; pay what you want, and you’ll gain access to one of the courses in the bundle. If you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive a copy of all of the courses in the bundle. Finally, if you beat the leader’s price, you’ll be placed on a leaderboard and be entered in a giveaway. 

The Super Soft Skills Bundle

Hard skills will land you your first job right out of college. However, once you start moving up the corporate ladder, it’s your soft skills that’ll set you apart from your peers. Conflict management, personal productivity, and communication are learned with years of experience, and learning how to leverage these types of skills along with your hard skills is necessary if you want to progress in your career. You can learn how to hone these skills and more here.


Pay What You Want: The Super Soft Skills Mastery Bundle – $50

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The Complete Amazon Web Services eBook Bundle

Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows enterprises to leverage Amazon’s powerful cloud computing platform to do everything from run their infrastructure. In fact, AWS is the most popular cloud computing service on the market, so becoming AWS-certified is a surefire way to land you a job in the IT field. This bundle has 6 courses on how to master AWS, ranging from DevOps to security.


Pay What You Want: The Complete Amazon Web Services eBook Bundle – $30

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The Complete Linux eBook Bundle

If you’re interested in a career in coding, but don’t know what OS to specialize in, Linux will be your best bet because it can support most popular coding languages. Additionally, it’s open source nature makes it ideal for building your own projects like smart TVs and Wi-Fi routers. You can learn what it takes to master Linux with this 4-course bundle.


Pay What You Want: The Complete Linux eBook Bundle (MINI) – $5

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