Save $155 per year off Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this deal

If you buy three years worth of Xbox Live Gold today you'll save about $400

A new Microsoft promotion nets customers Xbox ‘Game Pass Ultimate’ for two years for just one dollar.

While the deal isn’t exactly straightforward and requires an upfront investment, if you’re willing to take a few extra steps, you could potentially get Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for three years.

In the past, Microsoft has offered a $1 CAD deal for users who sign up to try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Now, with a new system in place, users who sign up for that deal will get the remaining years, month or days of Xbox Live Gold on their account converted to Game Pass Ultimate for the cost of that single dollar.

For example, if the customer has one year left of Xbox Live Gold and buys Game Pass Ultimate for $1, they’ll get a full year of the service for $1.

Xbox Live Gold costs $69.99, and Game Pass Ultimate regularly costs $49.99 plus tax for three months. By subtracting the $70.99 (Xbox Live Gold’s $69.99 +$1 for Game Pass) from the yearly Game Pass Ultimate cost, which is $225.95, you save $154.96 per year.

When you go to sign up Game Pass Ultimate here, it mentions that this deal will only work for 36 months. This means that if you want to get the pass for three years, you’re going to need to pony up and buy three years of Xbox Live.

There is no way to stack years if you’re signed up with a credit card, but if you purchased prepaid cards, you could stack the codes to get Live for two years. Three years of Xbox Live Gold costs $210 plus the initial $1 for Game Pass Ultimate.

Although the Game Pass Ultimate promotion mentions three years, in my experience it seems only possible to do two years at a time. However, that might be because I purchased the prepaid card and also tried to use my credit card. If you somehow manage to do this for all 36 months, you’ll save $464.89.

Also, there’s no need to go all out and get three years worth of Gold. Regardless of what tier you buy, the offer saves you the cost of Game Pass Ultimate for as many months as you have left in your Gold subscription.

Source: Xbox Wire