Pokemon Masters trailer reveals new cooperative gameplay

DeNA shared more gameplay for its upcoming Pokémon Masters mobile game.

The three-on-three real-time strategy game’s trailer reveals that it will sport co-operative battles, so you can team up with friends to battle the game’s AI.

The trailer also unveils a new ‘unity attack’ mechanic that features all three trainers attacking at once — I’m not sure how this is fair, but that’s beside the point.

DeNA also revealed special outfits that trainers can wear into battle. The studio calls these outfits, ‘Sygna Suits.’

Sygna Suits change the trainer’s partner Pokémon in the match. For example, when Brock wears his Sygna Suit, he ditches his trusty Onix for the rock/dark-type Pokémon Tyranitar.

DeNA plans to launch Pokémon Masters this summer for Android and iOS.