Moment Pro Camera app for iPhone gets slow shutter mode for long exposure shots

Moment Camera app

Moment’s Pro Camera iOS app is getting a new long exposure feature that allows for more creative iPhone photography.

The new feature saves long exposures as ‘Live Photos,’ and includes the option to save images as either stills or short videos.

The app’s new slow shutter mode can also be used manually or with pre-set exposure times. Depending on your exposure, you can even add slight motion or light trails to images.

The new feature is similar to setting a standard DSLR to a longer exposure when snapping photos under low-light conditions, allowing users to open the shutter and then close it when they’re finished. This is great for low-light photography, or if you want to add motion blur to an image.

Moment says it uses image stacking and blending to ensure the image is exposed correctly, regardless of what shutter speed you’re shooting on.

While probably not the type of shots everyone is interested in taking, these new Pro Camera features help make Apple’s iPhone camera far more versatile than it is with the limited stock camera app.

Moment’s Pro Camera app is priced at $8.49 CAD in the iOS App Store.

Via: 9to5Mac