YouTube is giving users more control over their Homepage and what’s coming next

YouTube is rolling out skippable ad breaks

YouTube is changing things up, allowing users to get more control over their Homepage and what’s coming up next.

Now users can explore topics in their related videos on their Homepage as well as in the ‘Up Next’ section while watching videos. The explore topics will show as tabs and are based on personalized suggestions. This is also based on the video you’re watching, the channel you’re watching or other topics.

This feature is available in English in the YouTube app on Android and is coming to iOS, desktop and other languages.

Another update will allow users to remove suggestions from channels they don’t want to watch. By tapping the three-dot menu attached to videos, there’ll be an option called “Don’t recommend channel.”

This option is available globally on the YouTube app for Android and iOS today. It’ll come to desktop soon, according to YouTube.

Finally, users will be able to see why a video gets recommended to them. When YouTube is suggesting videos based on other viewers with similar interests, it’ll show in a small box underneath the video.

The feature is available globally on YouTube for iOS and will be available on Android and desktop.

Source: YouTube blog