SwiftKey to lose access to Gmail unless it complies with Google’s new data policies

Gmail for Android

Google is emailing SwiftKey users who have combined the keyboard replacement with Gmail, notifying them that the integration will not work after July 25th if SwiftKey does not comply with its new data policies.

A Twitter user Aquib Qureshi uploaded a screenshot of the email.


Users who install SwiftKey are able to personalize the keyboard by using it for their email accounts, including Gmail. However, when the app integrates into other services, it requests a number of permissions relating to its ability to access the content.

When you try to integrate SwiftKey with Gmail, it asks for permission to “view, manage, and permanently delete your mail in Gmail,” as outlined by Bleeping Computer. It also asks for permission to “compose and send new email.”

In order to prevent companies from invading users’ privacy, Google’s new data policies require developers to only ask permission to things that they absolutely need.

It is unclear which policies that SwiftKey is violating. However, unless SwiftKey complies with Google’s new data policies, users will soon be unable to use the service.

Source: Twitter Via: Bleeping Computer