Instagram begins rolling out ads to the Explore page

Instagram Explore tab

Instagram is bringing ads to its Explore page, the social media platform has confirmed to The Verge.

According to Instagram, these ads won’t appear in the Explore grid itself, but rather will only come up when a user taps on a specific post and begins scrolling that particular feed.

Ads will come in both photo and video form, with Instagram now beginning to roll some out to ‘IGTV’ in the ‘Explore’ page.

Instagram didn’t say where these IGTV ads are appearing at the moment, although it said the goal is to bring ads to each part of every user’s Explore page over the next few months. As part of this expansion, Instagram says it will work with select ad partners, although it’s unclear which companies it’s eyeing.

In an interview with The Verge, Susan Buckner Rose, Instagram director of business product marketing, said that the Explore page was a natural fit to receive ads since it’s a place for “people come to discover new accounts or people or brands that they don’t already follow.”

Source: The Verge