Bell raises wireless connection fee to $40 [Update]

The increases keep on coming

bell 5G

Update – July 3rd: As expected, Bell has raised its ‘Connection Service‘ to $40.

Connecting a mobile device to Bell’s network is getting more expensive since the carrier is raising its connection fee to $40.

Bell increased its connection fee to $30 in April of 2018, and then to $35 on October 3rd, 2018. Now, the carrier is increasing the fee $5 once again, bringing the total to $40.

The connection fee is a one-time cost associated with adding a new phone number to Bell’s network. The change goes into effect on July 3rd.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Bell regarding whether its flanker brand Virgin Mobile is also increasing its connection fee. If history is any indication, Virgin’s connection fee is likely set to go up as well.

At the time of publication of this story, Rogers and Telus both offer $35 connection fees. That said, when we wrote about Bell and Virgin increasing fees last October, the other carriers were still at $30. They later raised their rates to match Bell’s $35 price.

It’s worth noting that Virgin waves the connection fee when you sign up for a new phone online, but Bell does not.