Shopify customers now have access to Apple Business Chat


Shopify merchants will now be able to connect with their customers through Apple Business Chat, which will allow customers to “securely pay for products with Apple Pay.”

Any new visitor at a store will be able to click the Messages button “featured on every page” of an online store and visitors will be able to “ask for product information.” The new feature rolls out on June 26th. Conversations will happen through Shopify Ping, which was introduced last year.

Shopify said customers will also now be able to “easily and securely pay for products with Apple Pay right within the conversation.”

“Our integration with Apple Business Chat will uniquely allow our merchants to establish, maintain and communicate with their customers directly through Messages. Today, we are bringing all 800,000 of our merchants one step closer to their customers, and giving them the advantage they need to build their business the way entrepreneurs have for thousands of years: through conversations,” said director of product at Shopify, Michael Perry.

Apple Business Chat lets users connect through Messages and can only be accessed if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Users can start a chat through Maps, Safari, Siri and Search and through participating businesses’ websites and apps.