Pixel 4 spotted in the wild looking just like Google’s render

Sorry, conspiracy theorists

Pixel 4

Despite Google’s best efforts to get ahead of months of leaks, the company’s upcoming phone, the Pixel 4, continues to, well, leak.

On Friday morning, 9to5Google shared the first image of the Pixel 4 in the wild. According to the website, the photo was provided to it by one of its readers, who spotted the phone in London, England.

If you had hoped Google’s recent tease of the Pixel 4 was a clever bit of misdirection, prepare to be disappointed: the pictured device looks exactly like the render we saw from the company earlier this week, complete with distinctive square camera bump.

Based on the size of the phone pictured, 9to5Google’s Ben Schoon speculates we’re looking at the XL model. Moreover, it appears Google plans to once again offer fabric cases alongside its new Pixel handsets.

If the lead-up to the Pixel 4’s launch plays out anything like the lead-up to the Pixel 3 did, we’ll likely see additional real-world images of the phone leak. Perhaps we’ll even see some photos come from Toronto once again.

Source: 9to5Google