You can now create any Xbox Live Gamertag you want

Get ready for a full team of teens with '420N0Sc0p3s69' as their Gamertags

Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Gamertag system now works very different.

Rather than a unique name, the gaming giant’s online gaming platform now adopts a system similar to Steam, Discord and Battle.net.

This means that Xbox Live Gamertags now include a number after them if you’re using a tag that has already been taken.

Xbox Gamertag name change

This change is going into effect now. Microsoft says that up to 12 characters can be used for this new Gamertag system, and that subscribers won’t need to change their existing name. The first change is free, with it then costing $9.99 ($13.25 CAD) for any additional alterations to your Gamertag.

Further, Microsoft says that its Xbox Live Gamertag system now includes more characters, as well as 200 different languages, including Hangul, Katakana, Basic Latin, Bengali and more. Microsoft has a full FAQ regarding the changes.

Given that I’ve clung to my bad rapper name of an Xbox Live Gamertag, ‘x Aura x,’ for the past 15 years, I don’t expect to be changing it any time soon. To be clear, my Gamertag is so old that I really didn’t need to use those ‘Xs’ and spaces — I just thought they were cool.

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