Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou to hear more on extradition case on June 6 in court

Canadian authorities will provide more details about Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou at a hearing on June 6th.

Reuters reported that Meng will not be in court on that date and that the details will include technical issues with her extradition.

Meng was arrested in December in Vancouver and was granted bail. In May, the B.C. Supreme Court set a date for disclosure application and provided more details on changes related to her bail. She is set to return to court in September. At the time, details of her extradition case were not made.

The U.S. charged Meng, Huawei and its subsidiary Skycom with 13 counts of bank and wire fraud. The U.S. said Meng was able to manipulate banks in order to do business with Skycom, which the country alleges is an unofficial subsidiary of the telecommunications giant. Those charges have not been proven in court. Huawei maintains that Skycom is an independent company.

Canada decided to proceed with Meng’s extradition case on May 1st.

Canada’s Justice Ministry said in a statement that “these court dates are not the start of the extradition hearing, which has not yet been scheduled.”

Meng’s lawyers have stated they will seek a stay of extradition proceedings.

Source: Reuters