Google to shut down YouTube Gaming mobile app later this week

YouTube Gaming logo

Google has confirmed that it will shut down its YouTube Gaming mobile app on May 30th.

The app launched in the U.S. on Android and iOS in June 2015 and made its way to Canada the following March.

With the app, Google intended to make it easier for users on mobile devices to stream and engage in gaming-related content on YouTube. Some features, including a dark mode and Channel Memberships, were first introduced in the mobile app before rolling out to YouTube Gaming on the web.

However, Google announced in September 2018 that it will end support for the app in March 2019, citing a desire to offer the entire YouTube Gaming experience in one place. It’s unclear why support for the app last two months longer than originally announced.

In any case, YouTube Gaming will now be accessible at ‘youtube.com/gaming.’

Source: Google Via: 9t05Google


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