Facebook personalizes its News Feed to show you more meaningful content


Facebook has updated the ranking algorithm for its News Feed to display posts from a user’s closest friends and links the user may find worthwhile.

The data used to rank the posts comes from analyses that Facebook conducted to better understand users and their preferences.

Facebook surveyed users to determine their closest friends. The platform then looked at how the data matched up to the user’s actions. It looked at who the user is frequently tagged in photos with, who the user interacts with, and who checks into the same places.

The platform is then able to show the user more content from their closest friends, rather than people they rarely interact with.

Facebook also surveyed its users to determine which links people believed were interesting and worth their time. The platform then matched the results to posts that got the most engagement. This data allows the platform to determine which posts should be higher in the News Feed.

These new changes coincide with Mark Zuckerberg’s comments stating that Facebook does not aim to have its user spend a lot of time on the platform, but to spend time on posts they find meaningful.

Source: Facebook