Virgin Mobile adding $5 base cost to pay-per-use plan [Update]

Virgin is still one of the cheaper prepaid plan options out there if you don't use a lot of data

Bell-owned Virgin Mobile is altering its pay-per-use plan structure to better match its parent company’s plans with a $5 base cost that includes 10 minutes of province-wide talk time.

The change is scheduled to come into effect on July 21st, 2019.

If you’re currently on a pay-per-use plan with no add-ons, then the change will happen directly on the 21st. If you do have add-ons, then the new pricing begins on your first bell date after the 21st.

The rest of your plan rates and add-ons will stay the same, and you can find more information about the change here.

In a brief check, it still seems like Bell and Virgin offer the cheapest prepaid plans out of the big three and their mid-tier flanker brands.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Virgin for more information.

Update 16/05/2019: Virgin has reached out to clarify that the $5 cost increase only applies to the base pay-per-use plan. Therefore instead of just paying for what you use, you now have to pay at least $5 for 10 province-wide minutes.

Source: Virgin