Google aims to be more inclusive with gender fluid emojis

Google is releasing 53 gender fluid emojis that will available on Pixel phones this week.

The emojis will eventually be available on other smartphones running Android Q. The set of emojis are geared towards users who do not identify as male or female.

Designers spent a considerable amount of time determining how to create genderless emojis. Google’s most important factor was to focus on the hairstyle, as reported by Fast Company.

The designers chose to go with a hairstyle that connected male and female features. The gender fluid emoji has hair that is long in the back and parts in the front.

However, the emoji will appear as a male or a female if you send it to a device that does not support the emojis.

Since the director of Android emojis is also part of the board that sets emoji standards, it is possible that Apple may also release similar emojis in the future.

Google’s goal to be fully inclusive with these emojis will not be possible until other companies follow suit and create counterparts.

Image credit: Google

Source: Fast Company