Instagram to allow users to appeal reported posts in-app

Instagram is trying to take both sides of a report into account

Users who have had a post taken down on Instagram are soon going to have a way to appeal the ruling from within the image sharing app.

This streamlines the appeals process which currently involves sending emails to the company or filing a copyright report.

The appeals feature should start rolling out in the next few months according to, Engadget.

When a user appeals a removed post, a new content reviewer looks it over to make sure that a fresh set of eyes has an opinion on the picture and not just the original reviewer

The company’s second reviewer will restore the post if they disagree with the original reviewer’s call.

When the tool rolls out, Instagram told Engadget that the tool only works for posts that have been removed because of nudity. That said, the social network has plans to expand to other types of reports in the future. The ultimate goal is to give users the ability to appeal banned profiles and not just posts.

Source: Engadget