VMedia launches ‘VMedia Protect’ home security system

VMedia’s newly launched alarm offering, VMedia Protect, aims to provide Canadians with an affordable home security system.

The wireless security system is easy-to-install and provides 24/7 home monitoring.

An alert is sent to VMedia’s Central Monitoring Station if there is an intrusion. Trained operators then notify the homeowner and dispatch local law enforcement to the home.

VMedia Protect is an affordable security system with a monthly rate of $12.95 CAD. Consumers also have the option to create a package that is suitable to their preferences.

Subscribers can buy additional features such as door and window sensors, key fobs and a pin pad.

“We are delighted to add Home Security to our lineup of high-speed Internet, TV and Home Phone services and offer a much better value solution for consumers,” said Alexei Tchernobrivets, CEO of VMedia, in a recent press release.

The system comes with a mobile app that allows subscribers to monitor their alarm system while they are away from their homes. Subscribers can also use the app to arm or disarm their home system.

Subscribers can receive notifications directly to their phone through the app. The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The telecommunications company is offering six months free for a limited time when you purchase the equipment kit.

VMedia plans to add more features to their systems in the coming months, such as video monitoring.

More information about the VMedia Protect can be found here.

Source: VMedia