Vidéotron’s family plan promotion offers up to 40GB of free data for four lines

Vidéotron’s latest family plan promotion offers 40GB (or 10GB per person) of free data when customers sign up four handsets on the carrier’s ‘Premium +’ plan.

When a user signs up to four lines with a Premium+ plan, they’ll receive 10GB of bonus data per line.

This works for either the 9GB, 10GB or 12GB Premium+ plans. As a result, each user can get 22GB of data for $85 per month if they bring their own device.

The plans also work for two and three lines, though you’ll get less data.

If the customer gets one Premium+ plan, they’ll get four extra gigabytes of data. For those who sign up two lines, you get 6GB of additional data per month. Lastly, if the client signs up three lines, they’ll get 8GB of extra data per month.

The Quebec-based carrier also has promotions for those who don’t need all that data.

With the company’s Premium plans that offer 6GB, 7GB or 8GB, customers can get up to 5GB of extra data if they sign up four lines.

This means if the customer signs up four lines on any of the Premium plans, they’ll get 5GB of extra data.

If the client signs up three lines, they’ll get 4GB of extra data, and if the customer signs up two lines, they’ll get 3GB of additional data. Lastly, if the client only subscribes to one line, they’ll get 2GB of extra data.

These plans are available for BYOD customers and if they want a new handset. Additionally, customers can mix and match, and not all of them have to be on the Premium or Premium+ plan, according to a Vidéotron sale associate.

This data is not shareable between members of the plan.

Further, Vidéotron says that for those who sign up two lines, they’ll get $3 off on each line per month. If they sign up three lines, it’s equivalent to $6 off per line each month. Lastly, if you sign up four lines, you’ll get a monthly discount of $12 off per line.

This promotion is for a limited time, though the carrier doesn’t mention for exactly how long.