Samsung patent showcases phone with display that wraps around back

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is currently experiencing its fair share of issues.

However, that hasn’t stopped the South Korean phone maker from experimenting with different phone designs, according to a patent from Let’s Go Digital. The filing features a Samsung smartphone with a display that covers the front and wraps around the top and part of the rear of the device.

Samsung filed the patent in October 2016 with it getting published on April 25th 2019.

The patent describes how users can activate which side of the display they want to use by holding their hand or S Pen over it.

Having this sort of display lets a user take a selfie with the rear camera. Additionally, the patent indicates that the phone will sport some form of live translation where a user speaks one language, and the display on the rear showcases the interpretation.

Additionally, with part of the display that wraps around the top, it’s possible that it showcases notifications.

Vivo’s NEX Dual Display Edition offers similar function with that device featuring two displays. Users are able to use the rear-display and rear-facing shooter for taking selfies. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy A80 features a camera setup that pops up and then rotates so that device owners can use the cameras for the rear-facing and selfie pictures.

Source: WIPO Via: LetsGoDigital