Instagram’s profile redesign starts rolling out, de-emphasizes follower count

The visual update rearranges your profile screen, making your name and bio more prominent

Instagram on the OnePlus 6T

After testing a small profile redesign to de-emphasize follower counts late last year, Instagram is starting to roll the update out to iOS devices.

First and foremost, the update reduces the size and prominence of your follower count, bumping it down below your name and bio. Further, the redesign makes your name bigger, moves it higher on the page and more. The update also bumps your profile picture over to the right side of the screen.

Instagram redesign

New Instagram (left) vs. old (right)

On top of that, Instagram did away with the small, blue arrow button next to the ‘Follow’ or ‘Following’ button, choosing to combine it with the Follow/Following button instead.

Tapping it opens a menu with options to manage notifications, mute or follow/unfollow the profile, or add them to your close friends.

New Instagram profile

This new menu also shows a list of suggested profiles based on the profile you’re looking at.

Also of note, when you’re browsing someone’s photo history in the grid view, when you click into a post, it switches to the feed view so that you can keep scrolling through their pictures. It appears there’s no longer a way to access the feed directly, as that tab isn’t on the profile page.

New Instagram suggested

For now, the update appears to be server-side, and on iOS only. It hasn’t come to Android devices yet.

Additionally, it seems the update is rolling out slowly — so far, only one of us at MobileSyrup has the visual upgrade. It’s also potentially coming to business Instagram accounts first.