AT&T to keep using ‘5Ge’ after lawsuit settled

5Ge indicator

It looks like AT&T will continue to use the ‘5Ge’ branding — even as they reached an “amicable” settlement in a false-advertising lawsuit brought against it by Sprint.

Unnamed sources told The Dallas Business Journal that users will still see the 5Ge used in advertising and marketing materials. The two companies declined to reveal any further details of the settlement.

Tempers flared when the American telecom giant started rolling out the branding 5GE, short for 5G evolution, without necessarily including  the major features of 5G. According to its website, AT&T is using 5Ge to denote when its networks supports 256QAM carrier aggregation.

After being roundly mocked for the use of the indicator, Sprint sued AT&T in February. It pointed to a survey where a small majority of respondents reportedly believed that the 5Ge actually offered 5G speeds in court documents.

Source: Dallas Business News