Google refreshes Opinion Rewards app with new Material Design

The visual refresh means the app is now predominantly white, with Product Sans and splashes of colour

Google Opinion Rewards

Google’s Opinion Rewards app is the latest to get a new Material Design refresh.

The app, which asks users to complete a variety of surveys in return for a small amount of Play Store credit, now sports an all-white look with splashes of colour throughout. Further, the app now features Google’s Product Sans font, making the whole package feel distinctly Google.

The difference in style is frankly quite striking. The large blue bar at the top of the screen is gone, and Google has highlighted important text with colour — a rather important part of Google’s new Material Design.

Aside from just changing how the app looks, Google reorganized the main page a bit.

Your credit balance now resides at the top of the app, just below the app’s title and hamburger menu. Next to the credit balance is a rounded button that links to the Play Store — although it looks like someone forgot to capitalize the ‘store’ in Play Store.

Opinion Rewards main page

Old (left) vs. New (right)

Below the credit balance is a new ‘My Tasks’ section including a link to surveys you need to complete and a share option to invite friends to Opinion Rewards.

The ‘Reward history’ page looks nearly identical, save for the loss of the blue title bar. At least in my case, the number of surveys and total earnings already used Products Sans.

The visual update comes as part of Opinion Rewards version 201904084 which is rolling out through the Play Store. It’s not available for everyone yet, so you’ll have to be patient — unless you’re adept at installing apps from outside the Play Store. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re not sure what you’re doing, however.

If you don’t have the Opinion Rewards app, it’s a free download from the Play Store, and I highly recommend it. It’s basically free money, so I’d give it a download.

Source: Android Police