Google disables workaround that allowed Inbox to continue working

Inbox by Gmail

Despite the creative efforts of fans, it appears Google’s Inbox email client is well and truly dead.

Google technically sunset Inbox on April 2nd. However, diehard fans found a clever workaround.

In short, to continue using it, some Inbox users installed a previous version of the app, v1.77. In this way, they were able to continue using Inbox even after Google officially shut down the app at the start of the month.

As of this Friday, however, that trick no longer works. As spotted by an Android Police reader, installing Inbox v1.77 no longer allows Inbox to continue working. What’s more, attempting to use even older versions of the client leads to the same result: a sign-in splash screen that says “something went wrong.”

Source: Android Police Via: 9to5Google