Harley Davidson’s LiveWire motorcycle has a better range than initially announced

The LiveWire is getting a better range before release

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle is getting closer to its fall production date, and apparently, it has a longer range than the company originally stated.

When the bike was first announced, Harley-Davidson said it had a range of 177km in a city, but now the company says that it can drive for 225km in a city on a single charge, reports Electrek. This brings it more in line with the Lightning Strike electric motorcycle. 

The company says that for mixed riding the bike has an average range of around 142km, as per the report.

Finally, the legacy motorcycle company was able to shave 0.5 seconds off of its 0-60 time, making it reach 60Mph (97km/h) in three seconds flat. In addition, the bike can go from 97km/h to 127km/h in 1.9 seconds, according to Electrek.

Overall, this is excellent news since the bike has a starting price of $37,250 CAD and its previous range was a little lacklustre compared to other electric motorcycles like the Lightning Strike.

Source: Electrek