Chatr Mobile cuts 2GB of promo data off $45 and $40 plans for new subscribers

Chatr's $45 plan now gives you 4.5GB of data and its $40 plan gives you 2.5GB, with Auto-pay bonus included

Rogers flanker brand Chatr Mobile has reduced the data available to new customers in the plans it introduced back in December 2018. To be clear, current Chatr customers signed up to these plans will still have the original data allotments for these plans.

Its $45 and $40 Nation-wide Talk, Text and Data plans now provide users with 4.5GB and 2.5GB respectively, with the Auto-pay bonus included.

Previously, Chatr offered 6.5GB of data for $45 and 4.5GB of data for $40 as part of a promotional offer.

If you chose not to sign up for Auto-pay, you’ll lose the 500MB bonus and get either 4GB or 2GB of data.

The carrier’s $50 8.5GB promo plan and $35 1.5GB plans remain unchanged at the time of writing.

It’s also worth noting that the plans still run at 3G speed and will throttle your data if you go over your allotment. If you already had one of the plans, you won’t be affected by the change.

Update 09/04/2019: The story has been updated with clarification regarding that this change only affects new Chatr customers.