Pokémon Go code hints at armoured Mewtwo, ‘Adventure Sync V2’

The Adventure Sync update means players need to run the game a lot less

The most recent batch of code that Niantic added to Pokémon Go suggests that company is bringing an armoured version of Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo to the game.

And that’s not all, either. The code also mentions ‘Adventure Sync V2’ and a change to the way ‘Incense’ works.

An armoured Mewtwo seems like a major possibility since it could tie into the upcoming CGI remake of the very first Pokémon movie. The remake, Mewtwo strikes back, is releasing in Japan on July 7th, so it’s likely that the armoured Mewtwo will appear around then.

The code uncovered three different variants of the human-made Pokémon. That said, it’s unclear what the third version might be. The code refers to the monster as ‘Mewtwo_A=133,’ ‘Mewtwo_A_Intro=134’ and ‘Mewtwo_Normal=135,’ according to SlashGear

One of the more exciting aspects of the codebase the mention of an ‘Adventure Sync’ update. In the new version, the game sends push notifications to users for specific nearby Pokémon and items, as per SlashGear’s report. This means trainers don’t need to have their phone open and playing the game as much anymore.

It looks like an upcoming update is going to make Incense attract other versions of Pokémon including Shinies.  Therefore players will have an even better chance at catching these rare forms of their favourite monsters.

Source: SlashGear