Texture announces May 28th shutdown following Apple News+ reveal

Subscribers will have to either migrate to Apple News+ or find a new magazine distribution service


Apple is shutting down Texture, the magazine distribution platform the tech giant purchased in March 2018.

According to the platform’s website, Texture will cease operation on May 28th, 2019.

Maintaining the service alongside Apple’s recently launched News+ platform is redundant given the new service offers more content than Texture, including both magazines and news articles. In Canada, The Toronto Star is the only newspaper that has signed up to be part of the service.

Since Apple owns Texture, it comes to no surprise that the app is asking subscribers to move over to News+, which costs $12.99 CAD a month.

While this isn’t a significant problem for iOS users, it does create issues for subscribers on different devices, since Apple’s News+ service is not available on Android.

There aren’t many alternatives either, as Texture has a substantial magazine selection when compared to other magazine distribution apps. It’s also worth noting that Texture was at one point partially owned by Rogers.

The launch of News+ also marked the official release of Apple News in Canada.

Via: TechCrunch