Rogers rolls out eSIM support for business customers on BYOD plans

You'll need an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR to make it work -- and if you want a contract, forget about eSIM


After planning to bring eSIM support to its network last year, Rogers is finally supporting the new technology, but with a few limitations.

First up, the carrier is only supporting eSIM functionality on iPhone XS, XS Max and XR devices. Further, Rogers is just supporting eSIM for business customers and only on BYOD and no-term plans.

According to a Rogers community forum post, as of March 25th, 2019, business customers can activate the eSIM portion of their qualifying iPhone with Rogers. This allows them to have two lines on one device and use the physical SIM slot for other carriers.

Additionally, Rogers notes that it has updated its Rogers Direct service with the eSIM option for BYOD activation orders.

If you want one of these devices on contract with the carrier, you’ll still need a physical SIM card.

Unfortunately, if you’ve got an Android device that supports eSIM, Rogers doesn’t support it. The community forum post notes that Rogers can’t guarantee comprehensive technical support, that feature will work as intended or that it will have specific plans for your device if you try to activate an unsupported eSIM phone.

Interestingly, Apple’s carrier support page doesn’t list Rogers as an eSIM supporter. It does, however, list Fido as supporting eSIM, even though the carrier has been vocal that it doesn’t actually support the feature.

Source: Rogers