Canadian government investing $596,000 in Kelowna developer of boat route tracking app


Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and the Canadian government has announced a $596,000 CAD investment in a Kelowna, B.C.-based technology company in order to develop a boat route planning mobile app.

The government says the app will provide Canadian boaters with an “intuitive, dedicated mobile app to support their safety.” Goodale made the announcement alongside member of Parliament for Kelowna-lake Country, Stephen Fuhr and Limnology Research Corporation Consulting Solutions CEO (LRC), Dr. Nelson Jatel.

LRC says it plans to use the funding to develop a boating route planning mobile app that makes the process of creating and submitting route plans easier and more efficient. This data will then be accessible to marine search and rescue operators, resulting in an improvement in their response time.

The funding comes from the Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund (SAR NIF), which aims to deliver on the objectives of the National Search and Rescue Program.

$7.6 million is allocated each year to support new and ongoing SAR NIF projects.

Image credit: Wikimedia

Source: Newswire