Pokémon Go photo mode launches on Android for players above level five

You can finally take pictures with your Pokémon, at least if you're on Android

Level five and above Pokémon Go players on Android can now use the game’s new picture mode.

Once your device gets the update, the game will have a new camera icon on each Pokémon screen in your bag.

When you tap on the icon, it opens up the camera. Next, you touch on a flat surface to place your chosen Pocket Monster.

Once you place the monster, you can walk around it and interact with the creature by tapping and swiping. Keep in mind that Pokémon are at scale, so large monsters like Snorlax are enormous.

The game shows you a list of your shots when you’re done taking pictures and asks if you’d like to share them. Whenever you take a photo it is saved to your phone’s camera roll.

The game also mentions that when you’re taking photos “you never know what you’ll find,” so maybe you can get items or encounter Pokémon through this new mode.

There are reports of a new ‘Photobomb’ badge that suggest player might get an extra Pokémon in some of their pictures that they can catch, according to Express

The game’s loading screen features the Normal-type Pokémon Smeargle, indicating that it could be the creature that sneaks into your pictures given it isn’t in the game’s meta yet.

Since photo mode is only live on Android so far, we likely won’t see what the Photobomb badge truly means until it launches on iOS as well.

If you’re on Android and your phone is compatible with Google’s AR Core, you should make sure to download it for the best Pokémon photography experience, according to a Reddit thread.

Source: @Pokemon Go,  Express