Upcoming mobile app Buddy wants to make buying cannabis easier

It's launching in Alberta but will roll out to the rest of the country after that

Buddy is a new cannabis ordering app in Canada that’s scheduled to launch in Alberta during mid-March of 2019.

The app looks to streamline the process of ordering cannabis from a dispensary in Alberta, but it will roll out to the rest of the county afterwards.

At its base is a list of government licensed dispensaries that you can use to shop from.

You can use the app to browse items from a dispensary, pick out what you want and then go into the store to pay for it and pick it up.

This makes it sort of like the popular takeout food ordering app Ritual, but for cannabis instead. The main difference is you can pay for your food via the Ritual app, while Buddy requires you to pay for your cannabis in person to prove you’re of legal buying age.

Part of what makes this experience better is that it allows users to spend time browsing the shop’s products and learning about different cannabis strains.

The company is launching with this slate of features and hopes to add delivery in the future if government legislation becomes less strict.

Source: Buddy