Toronto-made, free-to-play Guildmaster Story pokes fun at pay-to-win games

Guildmaster Story mobile game

“What if a free-to-play mobile game had writing that wasn’t dog shit?”

This is a question that Canadian indie developer Will O’Neill (Actual Sunlight, Little Red Lie) asked himself before making his newest Android and iOS game, Guildmaster Story.

Developed by O’Neill and Toronto-based WZO Games, Guildmaster Story follows Guildmaster Ganyo and other up-and-coming entrepreneurs as they try to build a business empire.

Through this conceit, WZO Games aims to poke fun at some of the hallmarks of free-to-play (F2P) mobile gaming, including trite dialogue, repetitive quests and excessive monetization. In terms of gameplay, this translates into Candy Crush-esque item matching and tapping.

The developer even acknowledges that you probably have “already played a million games exactly like this for a reason: Because they never stop being fun.”

Guildmaster Story currently features 40 levels of story and game content, with new episodes set to be released on a monthly basis throughout the year.

The game can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.