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Pokémon Go update harkens back to the days of Pokémon Snap on N64

It's about to become a lot easier to share pictures of your Pokémon online

Pokémon Go update will soon roll out that will dramatically expand on the game’s augmented reality (AR) photo-taking feature.

Players could previously take AR pictures when they were catching a Pokémon for the first time, but that meant the image could only be taken where they caught the monster.

Once the update rolls out, trainers can select a Pokémon from their inventory, toss its PokéBall onto the screen and then adjust the monster to capture the perfect shot. Since you’ll be able to do this anywhere, there should be a lot of opportunities to take pictures of Pokémon in their natural environments.

Since Pokémon Go uses advanced AR+ players, can even walk around the placed creature to explore it from all angles.

If the Pokémon isn’t paying attention, you can brush your finger over it to get its attention.

Source: Niantic